Safety Display & Energy Bike

Safety & Energy Efficiency

Energy BikeEnergy Bike

A human-powered stationary bicycle equipped with a zero air pollution generator.  The generator delivers electricity to a display board with items of varying energy efficiency.  It allows the cyclist to power incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, LED, a radio, fan, hair dryer, and other small appliances by pedaling the bike.  The cyclist can actually feel the difference in the energy efficiency of the different items. The Energy Bike is a fun, hands-on learning tool and an appealing way to engage adults and children in conversation about the environmental and economic benefits of energy efficiency and the use of energy efficiency products.  The energy bike also offers an opportunity to emphasize the link between recycling and saving energy so children and adults can make informed energy choices.

Safety Demo

Safety Demo DioramaSafety Demo: The Piqua Power Safety Program explains the hazards of electricity in situations that may be encountered in our daily lives such as using ladders around power lines, downed power lines, electrical equipment, flying kites, and what to do if involved in an automobile accident with downed power lines. The presentation utilizes a short safety video that coincides with a tabletop mock power system that demonstrates the effects of electricity when contacted by the human body. The Safety Program is geared towards children but has very useful information for all ages.

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