Refuse Rates

Listed below are the Environmental and Recreation Services Monthly Refuse Rates.

Residential Customers
Refuse & Recycling$22.38 per month
Recycling Only$11.19 per month
Senior Discount Program (Qualified Customers Only)50% of residential rates

Commercial Customers
Small Quantity Generator: 1 cart - 96 gallons$32.41 per month
Medium Quantity Generator: 2 carts - 192 gallons$40.50 per month
Large Quantity Generator: 3 carts - 288 gallons$50.63 per month
Additional cart - 96 gallons$12.00 each
Recycling only $12.77 per month
Additional recycling cart$3.00 each

On November 1, 2022, the Piqua City Commission adopted Ordinance # O-9-22 which will modify the rate schedule for Residential Refuse Collection.  The new rate schedule will be based on the amount of refuse generated at each residential unit.  The following rate chart will be effective as of January 1, 2023:

Sanitation Residential Rate2023 Monthly Rate

Small Quantity Generator: 1-32 Gallon Trash Cart


Standard Quantity Generator: 1-96 Gallon Trash Cart


Large Quantity Generator: 2-96 Gallon Trash Carts


Additional Trash Cart