Income Tax

The City of Piqua Income Tax Department processes and collects all City income taxes; the tax rate is currently 2%. 80% of income taxes collected come from individual wage earners and 20% from business and industry. No income tax is paid on income that people receive from Social Security benefits, teachers, or other pensions.

The City of Piqua Income Tax Department accepts credit card and debit card payments. 

Regional Income Tax Agency

The City of Piqua Income Tax Division utilizes the Regional Tax Agency (RITA) and does not process any income tax collections/payments/refunds in the Piqua Office. 

For those who need assistance or more information please visit or you may contact our office at 937-778-2009 ext. 4 to speak to a customer service representative. 


If you are unable to get a copy of your transcript we will accept a copy of your social security statement which can be obtained at the Social Security Administration website by clicking on the My Social Security Button.

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