Small Business Grant Program

The Small Business Grant Program was created to assist small businesses in Piqua with growing and scaling their business after surviving the COVID-19 pandemic. The Small Business Grant Program is a façade improvement and building renovation program available to businesses and non-residential property owners in downtown Piqua and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Of the 25 Small Business Grants awarded, 13 projects have been completed and fully reimbursed, 6 projects are in progress and partially reimbursed, and 6 projects are in various phases, but not having requested reimbursement. To date, over half of the $500,000 allocated towards the program has been distributed. The spreadsheet below is a more detailed explanation of the total funding balance and project status through December 2023.

December 2023 Program Summary

December 2023 (JPG)

Small Business Grant Program

Project Outcomes

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