Yard Waste

The Piqua Sanitation Department provides collection of yard waste, including grass clippings, tree trimmings, leaves, garden and flower trimmings, etc.  Residents are asked to put yard waste in paper, biodegradable bags or loose in a can or container provided by the customer.  Brush may be tied in bundles. Plastic bags are not allowed at the compost facility. Yard waste must be free of litter and trash.

Yard Waste Flow Chart

Brush & Tree Trimmings

All twigs, branches, limbs, and other trimmings of trees will be collected only if less than 6 feet in length and less than 4 inches in diameter. Brush and tree trimmings must be tied into bundles no larger than 24 inches in diameter or placed in biodegradable paper bags or cans. Keep separate from trash.

Grass Clippings

Grass clippings and yard waste must be placed loose in trash cans or in biodegradable paper, and clearly separated from any garbage or trash. Yard waste will be collected on the same day as regular trash and recycling.


If leaves are collected in biodegradable paper bags or placed loose in cans for collection by the Sanitation Department, they should be placed at your normal collection site and clearly separate from trash and recycling.  Un-bagged leaves are collected at the curb in the fall by the Public Works Department.