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General Tax Information
If you are a new Business in Piqua please fill out our tax questionnaire below.
The application below is in the *.pdf file format, which requires that Adobe Acrobat Reader be installed on your system. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can obtain a free copy from the Adobe web site by clicking the "Get Acrobat Reader" button below.
Who Needs to File a Piqua Income Tax Return

1. All persons living in Piqua.

2. Persons living inside or outside the city limits receiving taxable earnings not fully withheld by a Piqua employer.

3. Business net profits earned in Piqua.

Filing Dates

Filing and estimated tax payment dates are:

Final tax return for preceding year .......................April 15 

First quarter estimated tax payment..................... April 15

Second quarter estimated tax payment…........…June 15

Third quarter estimated tax payment…..…September 15

Fourth quarter estimated tax payment…...…..January 15

Some Examples of Taxable Income

1. Employee contributed retirement programs, such as IRAs, Keough Plans or other deferred compensation plans.

2. Commissions earned directly or through an agent.

3. Tips.

4. Any non-monetary compensation.

5. Compensation received in the form of property is taxable at fair market value at the time of receipt.

6. Lottery and other chance-related earnings.

7. Covenant not to compete.

8. Employer-paid sick pay, regardless of whether paid direct or through a third party insurer (unemployment compensation or similar extended payments are excluded from taxation).

9. Miscellaneous corporate benefits such as golf memberships, insurance policies, car rentals, etc.

Forms Needed For Tax Filings

1. To verify tax amounts when filing a city return, the tax department requires Federal form 1040 and employer-issued W2s or 1099 or a combination, whichever is applicable.

2. W2 - Needs to clearly identify the locality where the withheld taxes were paid or an employer statement identifying each city and amount.

3. For the local resident taxpayer whose earnings are from out-of-town activities, please provide the other city's income tax return and the form 1040 accompanied by the appropriate Federal schedules (i.e., "C", "E", or "F").

4. Generic forms are acceptable if they contain the prescribed information required by the tax ordinance.

Income Estimates

Only income estimates based on preceding year's income, and paid upon the prescribed due dates (quarterly installments) will avoid either additional interest and penalty assessments or filing of an amended estimate. If the preceding year's tax liability, or anticipated current year's liability is less than $20, there is no requirement to file an income estimate.

Taxpayers who fail to file an estimate or pay upon prescribed due dates shall not qualify for this treatment and will be required to have paid 80 percent of the final liability by January 31. If the payment is not made on time, a $20 minimum penalty charge will be assessed. Additional interest and penalty charges accrue if the payment is delayed.

Income Tax Refund

1. For individuals younger than 18 years of age, evidence must be furnished by a driver's license or birth certificate. A copy is permissible.

2. For Piqua withheld taxpayers living out of town, whose entire earnings, or a portion of their earnings, are derived from activities outside Piqua, a refund request form must be completed by the non-resident and certified by the employer before any refund will be issued.

Extended Payments

Taxpayers who choose extended payments for tax delinquencies will be assessed up to the 25 percent maximum for penalties (one percent per month) and interest costs at one percent per month on the total unpaid tax.

Delinquency Costs


The interest rate is one percent per month on the unpaid tax liability.


The penalty charge is assessed at one percent per month (on the unpaid tax) with a maximum of 25 percent of the total tax liability and an annual minimum of $20. The $20 minimum is waived for first-time filers and if taxes are paid within two weeks of filing.

Example of 25 percent maximum penalty: If a total tax liability equals $1,000, the maximum penalty is $250.

Example of $20 annual minimum: If the one percent per month is less than $20, a $20 annual minimum will be charged. For amounts greater than $20 the penalty will be up to the maximum of 25 percent of the annual tax liability. The $20 minimum applies to each tax year, so if three tax years are identified as delinquent, the total minimum is $60.

A late filing charge of $25 is charged if the taxpayer fails to file a return by the due date or by the date resulting from an extension. 

Board of Review

The Board has the responsibility of reviewing, upon the taxpayer's request, decisions rendered by the Administrator.  Tax appeals must be filed within 30 days after the Administrator's ruling and a hearing shall be scheduled within 45 days.  The Board's decision shall be rendered within 90 days after the final hearing. 

City of Piqua Income Tax Office
Office Location 201 W Water Street
Mailing Address P.O. Box 1223
  Piqua OH 45356-1223
Telephone 937-778-2009
e-mail Income Tax Department
Business Hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  Monday through Friday
Make checks payable to:
 Piqua Income Tax Department


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