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Complete Streets Policy

The citizens of Piqua recently engaged in a planning discussion to explore opportunities to advance and promote the walkability and bikeability of the community. As a result of the conversation the Bike-Run-Ped Advisory Council was formed. It is the mission of the group to serve as an advocacy and advisory resource for biking and walking projects. The first order of business for the council was to champion the creation and adoption of a complete street policy to ensure further transportation infrastructure improvements take into consideration the needs of bikes and pedestrians. A complete street is a street that provides a safe and accessible, well-connected and visually attractive surface transportation alternative as part of a networked system, that balances the needs of all users, including motorist, pedestrians, bicyclist, freight carriers, emergency responders, transit providers and adjacent lands uses, and promotes a more livable community for citizens of all ages and abilities, including children to senior citizens, and individuals with disabilities.

On January 15, 2013 the City of Piqua City Commission adopted the Complete Street Policy recommended by the Bike-Run-Ped Advisory Council after the document went through several months of public review and comment, including input from the City of Piqua Planning Commission, the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, and the National Complete Street Coalition.

Complete Streets Policy


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