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   Piqua City Commission
August 6, 2013
7:30 P.M.
Piqua City Commission met at 7:30 P.M. in the Municipal Government Complex Commission Chambers located at 201 W. Water Street. Mayor Fess called the meeting to order. Also present were Commissioners Terry, Wilson, Vogt, and Martin.

PROCLAMATION - Protecting Our Water Ways (POWW) - Accepting Jeff Lange

Mayor Fess read and presented the Proclamation to Mr. Lange thanking him and the volunteers for all of their hard work on the cleanup.

Mr. Lange gave a brief overview of the work the POWW does and provided statistics stating the various objects that have been picked up. Mr. Lange thanked the city for their help and all of the volunteers who come out and help with the cleanup.

PRESENTATION - Brenda Gibson - Miami Conservancy District

Brenda Gibson came forward stating this is the 100th year anniversary of the 1913 Flood, and provided a brief overview of some of the planned activities to commemorate the event. Ms. Gibson presented each of the Commissioners with a book published by the Miami Conservancy District commemorating the 1913 Flood to be displayed in the various city offices.

Mayor Fess thanked Ms. Gibson and the Conservancy District for their continued support, and all the work they do.

PRESENTATION - Ryan Burch - City Intern

Ryan Burch, City of Piqua summer intern in the Engineering Department provided a very interesting presentation on his work in the Engineering Department. Ryan was given the task of designing and upgrading a new pull station fire alarm for the Ft. Piqua Plaza.

City Engineer Amy Havenar remarked that it is amazing that Ryan is only going to be a Senior in high school with all of this knowledge and work ethics, and hopes he comes he plans to come back again next year.

Project Manager Bob Graeser stated that Ryan was a very hard worker, and that it was a pleasure to work with him. Mr. Graeser further added he hopes Ryan plans to come back again next year also.

Commissioner Wilson asked several questions regarding the pull station fire alarm system, and Ryan answered all of the questions in detail.

City Manager Huff commented that Ryan worked very hard on this project, as it was a very difficult project to complete. City Manager Huff congratulated Ryan, further stating he knows he will have a very successful career ahead of him, and that he is welcome to come back next year.

Mayor Fess congratulated Ryan on his project, further stating she hopes he plans to come back to work for the city when he graduates.


Consent Agenda

Approval of the minutes from the July 16, 2013 Regular Piqua City Commission Meeting.

Moved by Commissioner Martin, seconded by Commissioner Wilson, to approve the Consent Agenda. Voice vote, Aye: Vogt, Fess, Martin, Wilson, and Terry. Nay: None. Motion carried unanimously.

New Business

ORD. NO. 10-13 (1st Reading)
An Ordinance to levy Special Assessments to pay for the cost of nuisance abatement assessments

Amy Welker, Health & Sanitation Director provided a brief overview on the assessments. The City of Piqua abates nuisance conditions on properties including mowing of high grass, removing trash, trimming trees, and demolishing structures according to city code. The cost of the abatement is then charged back to the property owner. If the property owner fails to pay the abatement fees then the costs are certified to the Miami County Auditor to be placed on the property taxes. The Auditor accepts assessments once per year, and this year the assessments are due by September 9, 2013.

Questions were raised on the fees of the billing tier, who is responsible for the fees if the property is abandoned, how the property owners are notified, and how long they are given to take care of the nuisance before the city steps in? There were several very large fees on the report and Ms. Welker explained how the fees were accessed.

City Manager Huff stated the city is currently working with a company that is working with the banks and businesses to help with the nuisance abatements.

Law Director Stacy Wall provided some background information regarding the responsibility of the property owner, and if the property is purchase how the fees are collected.

Amy Welker, Health & Sanitation Director stated the height limitation for grass is 8", if it becomes higher the City will have the property mowed and assess the fees to the property owner. There was also discussion on the length of time between the notice and cutting the grass, and how the property owners are notified.

Public Comment

No one came forward to speak for or against Ordinance No. 10-13.

Ordinance No. 10-13 was given a first reading.

ORD. NO. 11-13 (1st Reading)
An Ordinance to levy Special Assessments to pay the cost of Demolition Assessments per terms of the Moving Ohio Forward Grant Agreement

Bill Lutz, Development Program Manager, stated in 2012 the City of Piqua entered into an agreement (Moving Ohio Forward) with the Miami County Board of Commissioners for the demolition of residential structures in the City of Piqua. The terms of this agreement were that the City would demolish up to ten houses and assess one-half of the demolition costs to the property owner. To date, under the program, six properties have been demolished, two are under contract to be completed by August 30, and two more are currently being studied for asbestos contamination.

There was discussion regarding what the next step is for the empty lots after the homes have been taken down, and would the property owners be able to sell the lots?

Mr. Lutz provided information regarding the use of the lots after demolition.

Public Comment

No one came forward to speak for or against Ordinance No. 11-13.

Ordinance No. 11-13 was given a first reading.

RES. NO. R- 111-13
A Resolution establishing "Trick or Treat/beggar's Night" in the City of Piqua

City Manager Huff stated the annual celebration of Halloween is a tradition in the City of Piqua, and this year it will be held on Thursday, October 31, 2013 from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M.

Public Comment

No one came forward to speak for or against Resolution No. R-111-13.

Moved by Commissioner Terry, seconded by Commissioner Wilson, that Resolution No. R-111-13 be adopted. Roll call, Aye: Wilson, Fess, Vogt, Terry, and Martin. Nay: None. Motion carried unanimously. Mayor Fess then declared Resolution No. R-111-13 adopted.


No one came forward to speak at this time.

City Manager's Report

City Manager Huff stated on Monday August 5, a meeting was held at the Piqua National Guard Armory regarding the Historic East Piqua Redevelopment program. There was a good turn out to hear the proposed preliminary plans and concepts, and to receive suggestions and recommendations from the residents in the proposed area. This will be a long term project and the city is trying to find the best use of the Historic East Piqua area.

City Manager Huff announced on Thursday, August 8th several of the city officials and department heads will be accepting the Healthy Employee Award, and also on Thursday the new branding information for the City will be presented.

City Manager Huff announced the US RT 36 Beautification Project has started as they are in the process of removing the old fence along Rt 36 corridor.

City Manager Huff announced there are several openings on City Boards and Committees.  Applications can be obtained on the city web site, or in the City Manager's office.

Commissioners Comment

Commissioner Vogt provided information regarding the City Car Show on July 20th, stating the bad weather kept the attendance down, but the Van Dells provided a great performance.

Commissioner Vogt thanked all of the volunteers who helped him with the car show, Jim Cruse, several of the Government Academy class members, and administration staff members, Diane Tamplin, Debbie Stein, and Becky Cool for all of their hard work and support.

Commissioner Vogt reminded citizens walking their dogs in the City Parks to please remember to pick up after them. This is something we may have to look at in adding legislation in the future, stated Commissioner Vogt.

Commissioner Terry congratulated Jeff Lange and Ryan Burch on their projects.

Commissioner Terry stated she received a telephone call concerning open burning in residential areas and asked if information could be provided for residents. City Manager Huff stated there would be information on the next City Commission meeting regarding the open burning policy for the city.

Commissioner Wilson stated he also received the same telephone call, further stating information is available at the Fire Department.

Commissioner Wilson thanked the volunteers who helped with all of the activities in the city recently.

Commissioner Wilson reminded citizens of the next Bike Mob scheduled for August 10th at 10:30 A.M. meeting at Lock Nine Park. In addition to the Bike Mob, a Walking Tour of the Historic East Piqua area will begin at 10:30 at Lock Nine Park with a $5.00 fee being collected for the tour.

Mayor Fess congratulated Commissioner Vogt for his work on the Car Show, and thanked all of the volunteers who helped. The Van Dells provided an excellent concert. Mayor Fess also reminded citizens of the Farmers Market on Thursday August 8th, 2013.

Moved by Commissioner Vogt, seconded by Commissioner Martin, to adjourn from the Regular Piqua City Commission Meeting at 8:25 P.M. Voice vote, Aye: Terry, Martin, Fess, Wilson, and Vogt. Nay: None. Motion carried unanimously.


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